Nuclear Projects

Solidworks Render of Liquid Waste Decay TankSolidworks Render of Liquid Waste Decay TankThe engineering team at Cryeng have a number of Cryeng employees of have extensive experience in the nuclear field. This experience combined with and a strong commitment to quality assurance, means that we are ideally placed to meet the requirements of this demanding industry. We have high levels of expertise in:

Liquid Waste Decay Tanks begin deliveredLiquid Waste Decay Tanks begin deliveredLiquid Waste Decay Tank being installedLiquid Waste Decay Tank being installed

In the nuclear industry safety is the number one priority. Fail-safe design combined with quality, code compliant products are a minimum requirement.

Our experience means that we have an inherent understanding as to the level of quality that our clients require as well as the ability to produce designs that meet or exceed the applicable code requirements. Examples of codes we regularly design to for the nuclear industry are:

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